Sue Mue has been built on the foundation of care and craftsmanship, and of luxury Indian clothing that fits your body and personality perfectly. The bespoke bridal and trousseau line bye Sue Mue romances exquisite embroideries with luxe fabrics and one of its kind designs by the in-house team of designers- Narinder Mohan, Surinder Mohan, Mohita Gujral and Mahima Gujral.

Set Ascending Direction
    1. Red floral embroidery layered lehenga set
      US$1,490.40 Regular Price US$1,656
    2. Red floral pearl embroidery sari set
      US$993.60 Regular Price US$1,104
    3. Red floral zardozi embroidery kurta set
      US$1,263.60 Regular Price US$1,404
    4. Red floral embroidery kurta set
      US$594 Regular Price US$660
    5. Red floral kashmiri embroidery kurta set
      US$923.40 Regular Price US$1,026
    6. Ochre floral embroidery short anarkali set
      US$810 Regular Price US$900
    7. Ochre floral embroidery kurta set
      US$777.60 Regular Price US$864
    8. Yellow floral embroidery kurta set
      US$448.20 Regular Price US$498
    9. Yellow floral embroidery sari set
      US$837 Regular Price US$930
    10. Mustard floral embroidery chevron lehenga set
      US$1,506.60 Regular Price US$1,674
    11. Olive floral embroidery lehenga set
      US$1,582.20 Regular Price US$1,758
    12. Olive floral embroidery sari set
      US$864 Regular Price US$960