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Varun Bahl

Varun Bahl is best known for creating style signatures within global styling cues so that his clothes are fashionable but unique. The label’s passion for both the design process and the ultimate garment is fueled by the designers artistic sensibility and discerning eye for detail. The belief of the label is to pave the way for couture to be embraced as part of one’s daily wardrobe with the generous use of exotic motifs and rich luminous tones.

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  1. Varun Bahl
    Red and gold embroidered lehenga set
  2. Varun Bahl
    Peach embroidered lehenga ensemble
    $4,760.00 Regular Price $7,350.00
  3. Varun Bahl
    Beige and pink embroidered lehenga set
  4. Varun Bahl
    Blue velvet embroidered lehenga set
  5. Varun Bahl
    Multicoloured embroidered lehenga set
  6. Varun Bahl
    Multicoloured embroidered lehenga set
  7. Varun Bahl
    Ivory embroidered lehenga set
  8. Varun Bahl
    Ivory and red embroidered lehenga set
  9. Varun Bahl
    Mustard yellow embroidered lehenga set
  10. Varun Bahl
    Yellow embroidered lehenga set
  11. Varun Bahl
    Yellow floral embellished saree
  12. Varun Bahl
    Ivory and yellow embroidered anarkali set
  13. Varun Bahl
    Ivory embroidered saree set
  14. Varun Bahl
    Multicoloured embroidered anarkali set
  15. Varun Bahl
    Ivory embroidered saree set
  16. Varun Bahl
    Orange & ivory embroidered sharara set
  17. Varun Bahl
    Peach embroidered sharara set
  18. Varun Bahl
    Pale pink & ivory embroidered sharara set
  19. Varun Bahl
    Mustard and pale pink sharara set
  20. Varun Bahl
    Embroidered Mustard & ivory sharara set
  21. Varun Bahl
    Mustard and ivory embroidered dhoti and top set
  22. Varun Bahl
    Black & ivory lehenga set
  23. Varun Bahl
    Black and ivory blouse with cape
  24. Varun Bahl
    Ivory & sorbet pink anarkali ensemble
  25. Varun Bahl
    Ivory and peach floral sharara
  26. Varun Bahl
    Ivory floral embroidered sharara set
  27. Varun Bahl
    Ivory embellished jacket kurta set
  28. Varun Bahl
    Ivory asymmetric cape
  29. Varun Bahl
    Ivory organza embroidered sharara set
  30. Varun Bahl
    Ivory organza cape with blouse
  31. Varun Bahl
    Ivory embroidered cape and blouse set
  32. Varun Bahl
    Ivory and gold cape sleeve gown
  33. Varun Bahl
    Green embroidered crop top & skirt
  34. Varun Bahl
    Green embroidered kimono jacket set
  35. Varun Bahl
    Yellow embroidered sharara set
  36. Varun Bahl
    Black & ivory high-low sharara set
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Items 1-36 of 346

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