Ohaila Khan

The brand draws inspiration from architecture, culture, nature, and travel catering to glamorous young women who have an evolved and refined taste in fashion. As a brand, Ohaila Khan believes in constantly reinventing, based on the inspiration and theme of a collection while staying true to her vision and aesthetic but making sure every collection has something new to offer.

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  1. Ohaila Khan
    Dawn rose lehenga set
    US$1,225.85 Regular Price US$1,656.56
  2. Ohaila Khan
    Dawn rose tiered lehenga set
    US$728.83 Regular Price US$984.90
  3. Ohaila Khan
    Dawn rose crop top & pants
    US$248.82 Regular Price US$336.24
  4. Ohaila Khan
    Lily embroidered lehenga set
    US$938.68 Regular Price US$1,268.48
  5. Ohaila Khan
    Lily flowy kaftan
    US$262.89 Regular Price US$355.25
  6. Ohaila Khan
    Lily one-shoulder cape set
    US$478.64 Regular Price US$646.81
  7. Ohaila Khan
    Lily tiered lehenga set
    US$1,376.99 Regular Price US$1,860.79
  8. Ohaila Khan
    Lily embellished lehenga set
    US$1,407.94 Regular Price US$1,902.62
  9. Ohaila Khan
    Chanderi sharara set
    US$328.55 Regular Price US$443.98
  10. Ohaila Khan
    Olive green jacket style kurta with palazzo
    US$517.06 Regular Price US$698.73
  11. Ohaila Khan
    Peplum kurta and dhoti pants set
    US$252.11 Regular Price US$340.69
  12. Ohaila Khan
    Aqua green sharara set
    US$327.45 Regular Price US$442.51
  13. Ohaila Khan
    Red ombre lehenga set
    US$546.42 Regular Price US$738.41
  14. Ohaila Khan
    Lehenga and kaftan set
    US$433.55 Regular Price US$585.88
  15. Ohaila Khan
    Nude adorned lehenga with cape
    US$471.27 Regular Price US$636.86
  16. Ohaila Khan
    Red bejeweled sharara set
    US$335.91 Regular Price US$453.94
  17. Ohaila Khan
    Peplum kurta and dhoti pants set
    US$175.77 Regular Price US$237.53
  18. Ohaila Khan
    Ombre ruffle lehenga set
    US$631.14 Regular Price US$852.89
  19. Ohaila Khan
    Pastel pink embroidered gown
    US$251.81 Regular Price US$340.29
  20. Ohaila Khan
    Kurta and pant set
    US$209.51 Regular Price US$283.12
  21. Ohaila Khan
    Lavender sequined lehenga set
    US$633.01 Regular Price US$855.42
  22. Ohaila Khan
    Yellow chevron anarkali
    US$282.67 Regular Price US$381.98
  23. Ohaila Khan
    Cold shoulder cape gown
    US$242.36 Regular Price US$327.51
  24. Ohaila Khan
    Green ombre lehenga set
    US$546.42 Regular Price US$738.41
  25. Ohaila Khan
    Zardozi kurta and pants set
    US$188.11 Regular Price US$254.21
  26. Ohaila Khan
    Pastel pink lehenga set
    US$831.08 Regular Price US$1,123.08
  27. Ohaila Khan
    Taupe sharara set
    US$300.98 Regular Price US$406.73
  28. Ohaila Khan
    Icy taupe lehenga set
    US$603.15 Regular Price US$815.07
  29. Ohaila Khan
    Red embellished lehenga set
    US$1,165.50 Regular Price US$1,575.00
  30. Ohaila Khan
    Rose pink sharara set
    US$316.51 Regular Price US$427.71
  31. Ohaila Khan
    Beige tiered anarkali
    US$487.20 Regular Price US$658.38
  32. Ohaila Khan
    Ruffle anarkali gown
    US$266.74 Regular Price US$360.46
  33. Ohaila Khan
    Crop top, cape and pant set
    US$191.89 Regular Price US$259.32
  34. Ohaila Khan
    Lavender tiered lehenga set
    US$335.21 Regular Price US$452.98
  35. Ohaila Khan
    Yellow tiered gown
    US$303.57 Regular Price US$410.23
  36. Ohaila Khan
    Asymmetrical half kaftan, crop top and pant set
    US$231.61 Regular Price US$312.98
  37. Ohaila Khan
    Green tiered lehenga set
    US$611.61 Regular Price US$826.50
  38. Ohaila Khan
    Kurta and salwar set
    US$240.86 Regular Price US$325.49
  39. Ohaila Khan
    Pastel pink embellished lehenga set
    US$551.89 Regular Price US$745.80
  40. Ohaila Khan
    Taupe sharara set
    US$347.36 Regular Price US$469.41
  41. Ohaila Khan
    Nude embroidered jacket set
    US$537.46 Regular Price US$726.30
  42. Ohaila Khan
    Deep red lehenga set
    US$759.41 Regular Price US$1,026.24
  43. Ohaila Khan
    Coral chanderi sharara set
    US$305.86 Regular Price US$413.32
  44. Ohaila Khan
    Chevron embellished anarkali
    US$435.44 Regular Price US$588.44
  45. Ohaila Khan
    Ombre lehenga set
    US$1,148.58 Regular Price US$1,552.13
  46. Ohaila Khan
    Angarakha pant set
    US$184.38 Regular Price US$249.16
  47. Ohaila Khan
    Lavender embroidered lehenga set
    US$431.76 Regular Price US$583.46
  48. Ohaila Khan
    Dusky grey ruffle anarkali
    US$298.09 Regular Price US$402.83
  49. Ohaila Khan
    Sage green sharara set
    US$327.45 Regular Price US$442.51
  50. Ohaila Khan
    Lavender lehenga set
    US$572.80 Regular Price US$774.05
  51. Ohaila Khan
    Rose pink chevron gown
    US$303.57 Regular Price US$410.23
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