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Mahima Mahajan

Mahima Mahajan has injected a breath of fresh air into the Indian fashion industry with her bespoke collection of decorous designs. Mahima’s approach to designing can be described as both fashionable as well as functional. The designs applied by Mahima Mahajan portray a typical Indian fondness that blends well with Western silhouettes.

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  1. Sabyasachi
    Printed organza sari with silk blouse
  2. Sabyasachi
    Printed organza sari with sequined blouse
  3. Sabyasachi
    Printed organza sari with silk blouse
  4. Torani
    Multicoloured printed sari
  5. Torani
    Pink floral organza sari
  6. Torani
    Blue organza sari
  7. Torani
    Blue floral organza satin sari
  8. Torani
    Orange silk crepe printed sari
  9. Torani
    Orange embroidered organza sari
  10. Torani
    Green floral chiffon sari
  11. Torani
    Purple embroidered sari
  12. Torani
    Yellow embroidered sari
  13. Manish Malhotra
    Pink ombre sequin sari set
  14. Manish Malhotra
    Salmon pink ombre sequin sari set
  15. Manish Malhotra
    Beige ombre sequin sari set
  16. Manish Malhotra
    Beige and wine ombre sequin sari set
  17. Manish Malhotra
    Oceanmoss green ombre sequin sari set
  18. Trisvaraa
    Nude pink embroidered sari set
  19. Trisvaraa
    Rose brown embroidered sari and jacket set
  20. Gaurav Gupta
    Cosmic grey embellished sari set
  21. Gaurav Gupta
    Emerald embellished jersey sari
  22. Mahima Mahajan
    Blush satin printed sari set
  23. Mahima Mahajan
    Jade printed sari set
  24. Mahima Mahajan
    Jade embroidered organza sari set
  25. Mahima Mahajan
    Orange satin printed sari set
  26. Mahima Mahajan
    Nude embroidered organza sari set
  27. Vvani by Vani Vats
    Copper embroidered tissue sari set
  28. Anushree Reddy
    Ivory floral embroidered organza sari set
  29. Jayanti Reddy
    Red sari
  30. Jayanti Reddy
    Maroon sari
  31. Rabani & Rakha
    Shaded orange sari set
  32. Rabani & Rakha
    Honey embroidered sari set
  33. Rabani & Rakha
    Sage and salmon shaded sari set
  34. Rabani & Rakha
    Blush pink embroidered sari set
  35. Rabani & Rakha
    Pink embroidered sari set
  36. Rabani & Rakha
    Blush embellished sari set
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