Ivorine Jaipur is a jewellery brand that combines simplicity and timelessly elegant pieces. The brand blends traditional and contemporary aesthetics crafting silver jewellery with moissanite polki.

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  1. Ivorine
    Polki and onyx necklace set
    US$768.04 Regular Price US$853.38
  2. Ivorine
    Green onyx necklace set
    US$637.12 Regular Price US$707.91
  3. Ivorine
    Mint polki necklace set
    US$741.85 Regular Price US$824.28
  4. Ivorine
    Polki and emerald necklace set
    US$522.94 Regular Price US$581.04
  5. Ivorine
    Blue polki necklace set
    US$589.13 Regular Price US$654.58
  6. Ivorine
    Floral pearl necklace set
    US$654.58 Regular Price US$727.31
  7. Ivorine
    Navratna polki necklace set
    US$523.66 Regular Price US$581.85
  8. Ivorine
    Green polki necklace set
    US$453.84 Regular Price US$504.27
  9. Ivorine
    Red polki choker set
    US$619.67 Regular Price US$688.52
  10. Ivorine
    Navratna choker set
    US$567.30 Regular Price US$630.33
  11. Ivorine
    Coral paisley earrings
    US$253.10 Regular Price US$281.23
  12. Ivorine
    Green crescent earrings
    US$309.84 Regular Price US$344.27
  13. Ivorine
    Polki chandelier earrings
    US$305.47 Regular Price US$339.41
  14. Ivorine
    Floral polki jhumkas
    US$296.74 Regular Price US$329.71
  15. Ivorine
    Polki floral jhumkas
    US$296.74 Regular Price US$329.71
  16. Ivorine
    Polki prussian blue jhumkas
    US$296.74 Regular Price US$329.71
  17. Ivorine
    Green diamond polki jhumkas
    US$296.74 Regular Price US$329.71
  18. Ivorine
    Polki drop earrings
    US$165.83 Regular Price US$184.25
  19. Ivorine
    Green jade earrings
    US$279.29 Regular Price US$310.32
  20. Ivorine
    Multicoloured floral jhumkas
    US$331.65 Regular Price US$368.50
  21. Ivorine
    Polki and green bead earrings
    US$209.46 Regular Price US$232.74
  22. Ivorine
    Pink diamond polki earrings
    US$183.28 Regular Price US$203.65
  23. Ivorine
    Red paisley earrings
    US$174.55 Regular Price US$193.95
  24. Ivorine
    Jade and polki studs
    US$122.19 Regular Price US$135.76
  25. Ivorine
    Green crescent studs
    US$87.28 Regular Price US$96.97
  26. Ivorine
    Blue floral studs
    US$130.92 Regular Price US$145.46
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26 Items

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