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The house of Torani is a potpourri of nostalgic memories of fables that Karan Torani’s grandmother told him while growing up. The brand is a testimonial to the strength of the unsurpassed skills of craftsmen in India. All fabrics used in the collections are hand weaved, handmade and custom designed for our collection on the looms of Chanderi.

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  1. Nikita Mhaisalkar
    Indigo blue quatrefoil pants
  2. Payal Pratap
    Chambray blue pants
  3. Payal Pratap
    Ecru linen trousers
  4. Nikita Mhaisalkar
    Indigo blue pleated pants
  5. Nikita Mhaisalkar
    Floral printed pants
  6. Nikita Mhaisalkar
    Indigo denim bootcut pants
  7. Nikita Mhaisalkar
    Indigo blue flared pants
  8. Hemang Agrawal
    Leaf green asymmetric pants
  9. Hemang Agrawal
    Silver pencil fit trousers
  10. Payal Pratap
    Ecru linen pants
  11. Payal Pratap
    Beige linen pants
  12. AMPM
    Tan chanderi trousers
  13. KoAi
    Multicoloured shaded pants
  14. Shivan & Narresh
    Aqua hututi sky tapered pants
  15. Divyam Mehta
    Handpainted floral printed trouser
  16. Divyam Mehta
    Ocean blue ankle-length trousers
  17. Divyam Mehta
    Khadi denim trousers
  18. Payal Pratap
    Green pants
  19. Akaaro
    Yellow wrap trousers
  20. Torani
    White and blue pants
  21. Torani
    White and red pants
  22. Payal Pratap
    Brown and navy checkered pants
    $101.71 Regular Price $116.90
  23. Twenty Nine
    Navy blue tulip pants
  24. Twenty Nine
    Black ruffle pants
  25. Payal Pratap
    Blue zuave pants
  26. Payal Pratap
    Blue zuave pants
  27. Payal Pratap
    Navy blue khadi cotton culottes
  28. Shivan & Narresh
    Multicolour Iconorosh Resort Trousers
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